Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010


This addon offers a whole bunch of properties to keep it away from any browser:

1. Threatened privacy: Are you aware that every site you ever visit is sent to the central WOT server, logged, saved and this information is possibly/probably sold to one of the many companies WOT has contracts with?

2. Missing reliability: Meanwhile here are lots of reports confirming that a great number completely legitimate harmless sites are rated badly - and poor reputations for so many of my most reliable sites. Wondering about it?
Remember any user can rate a site and there are a lot out there who rate a site at good will or just for fun, maybe because of the color used. I even found some malware sites rated fairly good.

3. Bad web experience: The addon actively adds advertising material in form of related links to your search results (massive sponsorship) but if you like such advertisings you should have no problem.

4. Slows down your connection: The constant traffic to the WOT servers consumes a lot of bandwidth and slows down the browsing.

Thank you, 4 weeks WOT are enough, good bye!

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